If the walls could only talk

House History

preserving neighborhood history not only honors the past but also enriches our present and future.


In essence, the Manchester Historical Society’s tireless efforts ensure that the threads of the past weave seamlessly into the vibrant tapestry of the present.




An Architecture Menangerie 

Manchester's House Histories

The Manchester Historic Society has commissioned house history research to suppliment the efforts of placing archiecture and historic markers on Manchester homes. You can find the PDF versions of the house histories below. 


An Architecture Menangerie 

Manchester's Architecture Styles

When you come to our neighborhood, you will find a menangerie of architecture styles that were the trends of the mid to late 1800s and the turn of the century into the 1900s. Click on any of the buttons below to learn about these architecture styles and some of the homes in our neighborhood that are built in that style.