1307 W North Avenue

William Fulton purchased the lots from Oliver Scaife and had 1307 and 1309 W North built between 1876 and 1877.  A family member built the rest of the row (1311 and 1315) at the same time.  The four homes are examples of the Italianate style, highly popular in Pittsburgh at the time.  The properties also had a series of six row houses, each 13’ wide, built in the back, facing Faulsey Way.  They were removed in 1882.

Fulton never lived in the house.  One of the tenants was Joseph Kaufman and his wife Henrietta. Kaufman worked for a wholesale clothing company.  Shortly after the family moved George S. Kaufman was born.  Kaufman was–at least until Andy Warhol–the most famous Pittsburgh artist.  He was exceedingly successful as a playwright and was a member of New York’s famed Algonquin Round Table.