1337 West North Avenue

John and Sarah Pettit had 1337 W North Avenue built between 1876 and 1877.  (Their son, Clarence, who would later build 1325 W North, stuffed a newspaper from July 4, 1876 into the rafters of the house during construction that wouldn’t be discovered until a 2010 renovation.)  The house is built in the Italianate style, shown in its segmentally arched window openings and front door opening, projecting door surround and window hoods and carved wood brackets below the box gutter.  The house at 1337 W North was originally 77 Fayette Street.  Allegheny City put the current street numbering system in place in 1899 and Fayette Street became W North Avenue in the 1920s.  

John and Sarah Pettit were Quakers.  John died in 1896 and Sarah in 1907.  Son Clarence then converted 1337 to apartments in the first decade of the 20th century.  1337 W North has had a total of ten owners.  It underwent a major renovation from 2009-2011.