Please provide your information for the MHS Membership List, including your email address, and submit by Mar. 31 to qualify as a voting member for the year. Non-voting memberships can be accepted at any time during the year.

To be upfront and honest with any financial transaction we are asking you to do, we want to explain to you who is and what they provide to us for FREE. They provide all our online financial processing (and a whole bunch more) for FREE. This means 100% of the money from donations, memberships, and ticketing goes to MHS. Unlike other sites that will charge up to 10% of the total transaction as a fee and then a flat service fee, Zeffy charges MHS nothing. So instead of receiving $.90 of each dollar you donate to the MHS, the MHS gets every dollar you donate to our cause.

The only way they can do this and to make money is a “tip” or fee they ask you to pay to keep on providing the services for FREE to us. This tip / fee is optional and does not affect your transaction from being processed. However, we ask you to consider it as part of your transaction to keep these services FREE. If you do not want to “tip” Zeffy then just hit the custom option on their pull down menu (on the payment page) and enter 0 to not pay the Zeffy fee.

We want to make sure to take the time to explain this to you so that you know that we are upfront and honest related to this tip / fee. We thank you for your support.