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At it's best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future. - William Murtagh


The Machester Historic Society has a mission to preserve the heritage that makes this neighborhood a great place to live, and guess what, we need your help in fulfiilling that mission. It is really a simple equation to understand. The more people that are able to volunteer their time and talent, the more we can do to not only perserve and protect the history of Manchester, but also to make Manchester the neighborhood that everyone would want to live in. Please consider not only to become a member for $5, but to be an active participant in our programs or events throughout the year. Let's work together to perserve the best neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and thank you for your consideration to become a member of the Manchester Historic Society.



Membership Online Form

We use an e-cmmerce site called Zeffy. The below form is provided by them so at no cost to the Manchester Historic Society. They do accept "donations" from you when you check out. This donation is optional and you have the ability to put zero in the field (hit the cstuom amount option and put in 0) and not make a donation. However, by providing Zeffy a donation, this will assure that we can use their services without a fee. We want to be upfront with you so that you know your options when signing up for a membership.