Showcase Manchester 2019


Showcase Manchester 2019 Tickets

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Our Pre-sale ticket orders have ended. Don’t worry, you can get tickets at the tour start on August 4, starting at 11am. Find us at 1423 Liverpool Street.

Join Manchester Historic Society for our annual house (and more) tour.

The neighborhood has grown over the years and our tour has grown with it! This year’s tour has more variety than ever. We’ll have the always popular Brandau House, a lovingly restored Victorian that has been a staple for many years. We’ll also introduce you to homes that haven’t been open to the public, in all stages of renovation. This year, though, we’ve also added some gardens and two new businesses that have decided to call Manchester home – a nearly completed office-share space and local pub with family history.

With all the new additions, we can’t call this a house tour, so welcome to the new Showcase Manchester! Come and enjoy our tour of historic homes, gardens, and businesses.